Tutoring for Tuition
The Tutoring for Tuition Program gives high school students an opportunity to apply for positions as tutors for other students who need academics support.
        The program allows high school students entering into post-secondary institutions a chance to earn tuition vouchers by tutoring other students ranging in grades from primary to high school. It also ensures that students who require academic support in order to maintain a satisfactory grade average are provided with such supports. The Tutoring for Tuition Program is administered by the Career, Employment and Youth Services Division, Department of Human Resources, Labor and Employment in cooperation with school districts and schools and operates during the school year.
        Eligible Participants as Tutors
            Level one, two, three high school students  with good academic standing and good interpersonal skills. The school will select tutors.
        Eligible Participants as Learners
            The learner will be identified by the school district and may range from primary to high school students.
        How to access:
        For more information on how to apply, contact Mrs. Russell or Ms. Brown